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Our depth of engineering ability gives confidence that the right call will be made on the back of 25 plus years of experience re-engineering all kinds of applications to make your Defender work right .

We will never be afraid to advise whether it be the simple or more complex route. Our first objective is to give the correct advice to all so the right upgrade is built into your truck and budget. We have a number of partners we continue to work closely with over many years to deliver the right solution or upgrade to the mechanical or electrical system to enhance the performance of your Defender.



Over time our experience has brought together the right mix of tuning and performance aids that work now and always. For the best value spend for gain in bhp and torque an ECU remap will give a large uplift in torque and performance. From ú499+vat we can add 30/40 bhp which will instantly give a much more responsive flexible drive with less need to change down the gears and aid fuel economy due to the driver applying less throttle to achieve the same forward motion. We are also able to remove the factory set speed limiter found on the 2.4 TDci puma from 2007 to 2011. The next step would be adding a free flow air cleaner. At minimal cost it will encourage better engine breathing so a little more air will find its way to the heart of your Defender.


Step two would be to add a high flow intercooler, replacing the original factory unit. The high flow intercooler basically has a lot more and larger aluminium pipe work through its core so the the swept volume is far greater which cools the pressurised air from the turbo. Far cooler air will aid better engine combustion thus creating a bigger bang and more power. To finish off this upgrade high flow silicon hoses are added replacing the standard rubber factory pipes. Silicon hoses don\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t expand and contract as rubber ones do which improves the sharpness and turbo response.


For those wishing to add a bit of style while aiding performance, adding a stainless steel sports exhaust system will give your Defender another 10/15 bhp depending on the combination of tuning package and model. The long term benefit is that the stainless system will last and last two or three times longer than a standard mild steel system.


And finally for those that want ultimate power, torque and response we have a range of variable vane hybrid turbo chargers that are developed to spin up much quicker from lower engine revs with bigger rotors to deliver far more air pressure right across the rev range. If you plan to invest in the hybrid turbo fitment then it would be wise to of included the previous steps from stage one to get the absolute best out of your Defender Icon.

For best advice and quotations contact: Andy Hutchinson Tel: 01733 380687


Any tuning upgrade may invalidate manufacturers warranty. We are happy to aid and advise on this and assist you if any none related warranty claims or repairs were necessary. As a general rule we have never experienced the manufacturer rejecting warranty requirements over the years. If in doubt it would be wise to consult ourselves prior to approaching your local dealer if warranty support is likely to be required. One must also understand that once we have fitted a new file to your engine ECU if your vehicle has to have engine soft where upgrades from Land Rover you may loose the engine remap. We are able to upload it once there after free of charge. If lost after that we would have to charge to reload a new engine map.