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Thank you for visiting bodyshop47.com. You will be able to find out all you need to know about the services we offer including full or part refurbishment, repair and re-finishing to any aspect of your body or chassis. 
Full bespoke builds and finishes will give you a unique vehicle that stands out from the crowd or how about a tasteful cherished refurbishment or rebuild bringing your vehicle back to life.  
Our roots for providing premier service and enthusiasm go back over 30 years since the late 80s.  We strive to provide the very best service for you with trustworthy help and advice from real enthusiasts who care and benefit from genuine experience in all things Land Rover and 4x4.  
Whether it be a simple repair, full on refurbishment or a re-build to bring your cherished vehicle back to its perfect factory condition, then our team of experienced craftsman can help achieve this with their spread of skills to cover your requirements. All backed up by further resource and flexiblility from the Nene Overland workshops also on site at Manor Farm.  
Our traditional craftsmen have over 40 years experience, supported by painters and traditional panel beaters. Metal fabricators are experienced in aluminium, mild and stainless steel, and can even make one-off parts if required for your vehicle. We regularly work with all manner of wood products and our on-site vehicle trimmers can deliver just about any combination of works to give you a high quality, durable and long lasting quality, look and feel.  Don’t forget the added protection from our dedicated hot wash and rustproofing bay on-site, available so we can add further rustproofing treatments to your vehicle prior to it leaving us. 
Getting to us is easy no matter where you are coming from around the UK. We are based North West of Peterborough, close to the A1 and A47. There is also a direct train route to Central London, the North and Midlands from Peterborough Rail Station. 

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Bespoke Builds

Over many years we have been given the opportunity to work with many clients both locally and around the globe to create some amazing vehicles to suit their needs, lifestyle or business. From game viewers, hunting, expedition, and camping vehicles to full on performance road or off road trucks backed up by style, attitude and comfort. We have a team of long standing experts who are ready to help you understand the best mix of solutions that can be realistically achieved and enjoyed for many years thereafter. 

Refurbishment & Repair

We are proud to say we have a great team of time served craftsmen who can tackle any aspect of a full or part refurbishment project. All bodywork, chassis and suspension, engineering, engine and transmission overhauls. We even will work on the interior with our team of interior trimmers we can re-manufacture existing seats and trim or fit brand new bespoke interiors made in a range of leathers and cloths, close to orinigal or to your own unique design and specification. 

Accident Repair

Having an accident is not a pleasant time for anyone, the added hassle of getting your vehicle back can often be the biggest stress, particularly if it is something you have cherished for many years. Your vehicle can be your life-line, once it has been damaged you want it back on the road in the same or better than pre-accident condition. We can assist with negotiating more favourable settlements from insurance companies, very important for classic Land Rovers and Defenders. From very heavy structural damage, bent or twisted chassis components, door panels, wings, bumpers. roof panels, or just lighter scratches and scuffs, all is possible from our team when it comes to repairing your vehicle after an accident.  FIND OUT MORE

Raptor Coating

We have been professionally applying Raptor coating for many years. Raptor coating is UV resistant and won't fade even after years in the sun, it is also waterproof so ideal for protecting surfaces from rust. We can offer the traditional rough textured finishes as well as a Bodyshop47 unique fine Raptor Coat finish, mixing pretty much any colour to your liking. It's perfect for adding further protection to your exterior plus great to protect the inside of pick ups and vans that are subject to some increased wear and tear, or just to give your vehicle that tough look. 

Rust Proofing

Protecting your vehicle from ageing and deterioration is a very cost effective action to take. Rustproofing is an essential part of giving your vehicle a far longer life and minimising expensive bodywork repairs and refurbishments. We have a dedicated Hot Wash and Waxoy centre where we can treat your vehicle, preventing corrosion and prolonging the effective life of your chassis, structure, and exposed components as well as all those important parts you don't see such as inner door frames, bulkheads and chassis components. 


If you lead a busy life and find yourself situated outside the UK or you're just not in the position to take delivery of your vehicle after our works are complete then we are happy to store it for you. We often see customers who have accidents store their vehicles here as it is more convenient to get the insurance company to organise direct transport. Short term storage would attract no charge however longer term storage may include charges. 

Export, Shipping or Loading

Let us deal with the transport of your vehicle across the nation or overseas. There are a variety of options for you to choose from including secure container shipment or roll on/roll off shipment where your vehicle will be driven on and off the boat. The latter option tends to be 20-30% cheaper however less secure. Don’t worry we can advise you on the best solution for what you need. We are also able to collect and delivery vehicles across mainland UK, with extended British Isles and EU countries also catered for. Worldwide shipping quotes can be provided, just get in touch.