Whilst over the years owners and operators may have been very fastidious with regular maintenance, repair and further rust protection sooner or later our old enemy Mr Wireworm will wish to take up residence and sadly one day your beloved steed may wish to say time for a change, time for a new lease of life. Perhaps just not viable to continue to with short term welding repairs to scrap it through another MOT, and of course more importantly you and your family or staff's safety. Why on earth did Land Rover not fit fully gavanised chassis on the production line from new. Well now you can give your vehicle that new lease of life with fitment of a brand new galvanised chassis, heavy duty versions also available for most models. We can renew any other worn, unsafe or just plain tired components along the way, suspension, steering joints and brake lines. To finish we can shot blast axle casings, suspension arms, repaint satin black to give your vehicle that lovely new feel, reconditioning brakes, wheel bearings and add higher spec polyurethane suspension bushes along the way. 


Part of your vehicle refurbishment may involve further works as often bulkheads, doors and other body components need major repair or replacement. We are able to carry out any repair, rebuild of existing components or replace with new or remanufactured. Most parts upon request can be powder coated, and or galvanised to future proof your cherished vehicle. Please enquire for further help and advise as our time served team of professionals will be able to advise on what may be the best solution. 


We are truly unique in the industry as the only company that has on one site, such a range of servies and facilities as to offer you peace of mind to advise you on the best course of action to suit you. If you are concerned about to many regular underbody, chassis repairs every time that MOT rolls round we can help give you peace on mind. Together with the rest of the Nene Overland team we can hot wash and inspect your vehicle in our state of the art indoor hot wash, rustproofing bay, invite you in to inspect it so with our long-standing experience give you the best, most sensible advise as to best course of action. Sometimes, sadly it just may not be cost effective to invest further capital when perhaps a better alternative maybe to replace with a newer model. We will always give totally impartial advise due to the fact that we offer such a wide range of services at our Peterborough site. Vehicle rustproofing, chassis, body repair and refurbishment, vehicle sales, full workshop and bodyshop facility. 

Soft Top Builds/Conversion

Over many years our enthusiasm for all things Land Rover and 4x4 have resulted in great enjoyment in crafting so many soft top fitments and builds. We work with all the major suppliers but find for the best results input of our own bespoke services can give our clients a better quality fit and finish with a few finishing touches you will not find anywhere else. Canvas or mohair can be supplied and fitted with one off design and build in conjunction with simple galvanised hood sticks for that original look whilst keeping costs down or incorporate 2 to 3 inch tubular frames for further protection and styling. Most can be anchored to chassis points to keep you and you’re passengers safe. We have onsite fabricators and trimmers so always able to add those final touches to lift style, safety, practicality and look.   

Roll Frame Protection/Styling

In conjunction with all our other services we can incorporate build and fitment of any type or design of roll frame for further protection and on occasion styling to give you, that look. We can supply and fit cages from all the major manufactures in conjunction with roof racks, soft top conversions and further bespoke fabrication to incorporate any type, make of awning, storage box’s and other one off requirements. Can also add external windscreen styling bars to give your Defender a great look, carry further lighting and equipment. Please enquire, catch up with our team so we can understand and advise on your requirements. All images on this website of our own work. Vehicles built and in conjunction with our sister company Nene Overland,  since 1988.