Transport, Shipping and Export

Here at Bodyshop47 we don’t just stop offering you quality help and advice when your vehicle is complete, we can also help you to transport or store your vehicle if you need. 

We are experts when it comes to shipping vehicles overseas assuming your country allows it. We will be able to firstly advise you on the best way to get your vehicle over there and once you have decided the best plan of action we will then give you a rough estimate for shipping the vehicle for you. 



The reason we like to give you advice beforehand is if you have never shipped a vehicle overseas before, there are a variety of options - each has it’s own benefits. For example we can advise you on whether you should choose roll off, roll on or a secure container shipment. Roll on roll off is where your vehicle is driven on and off the boat which ends up being 20-30% cheaper, however it is obviously far less secure. Secure container shipment is a much safer and secure way of delivery and we recommend you do this if your vehicle is going long distance and to certain continents where security is a concern. 

Please note: USA and Canadian import rules make it impossible to import a Defender unless the truck is over 25 years old for USA and over 15 years for Canada. However there is a solution. 

15 & 25 Year Old Defender Refurbishment

This is the option most people choose as you can work with us to create your Defender to suit specification and budget. You need to understand that this process can get heavy on cost as we will sell you a 15 or 25 year old truck to suit Canada or US requirements and then either ship it as it standard with little or no work, just with our own honest advice and a description of the truck with all the work you may need to do to it once you have it. We also may be able to ship all the parts you need inside the container along with the vehicle. We do get in stock ready refurbished Defenders that are over 15 or 25 years old meaning that US or Canadian export.