Ultimate Protection

When we say we want your vehicle to be finished to a high quality standard we also want it to last a long time, and be protected against all the elements. That’s why we offer Raptor Coating. Raptor coating can be colour matched to your existing colour or you can choose any contrasting or complimentary finish. If you go ahead with Raptor coating on a pickup truck then we recommend a heavier application of it on your pickup bed to provide maximum protection, and to preserve the life and appearance. 

What are the benefits?

Raptor has been developed to tolerate the most climatic conditions as lets face it, when you own a 4x4 you want to take it everywhere! It’s U.V resistant so won’t fade or ‘chalk’ even after years in the sun. It’s also water resistant so will prevent areas from rusting, making it perfect for areas that are frequently exposed to water.

You’ve heard the saying ‘Oh no it’s just a scratch’ but if your vehicle is your pride and joy you will understand the frustration with hearing that. Don’t worry you won’t need to hear it again. Raptor is scratch and stain resistant and it’s also really easy to clean. No need for shampoos and waxes, you just need to hose your vehicle down.

We've all had those tiny little bumps in our vehicle where it doesn't cause much damage but because of the impact your paint has cracked. This won't happen with Raptor Coating, it’s flexible so can handle a force of impact without cracking.

Unlike other protective coatings, if it does ever scratch (which is tough) it is easily repairable, also much cheaper and faster than powder coating.