SPEEDLINER Euro HS® is a high performance polyurethane/urea elastomeric product specifically designed for high build applications. It also possesses other properties such as high tensile strength, good elongation and adhesion. As an aliphatic-hybrid urethane-urea,
SPEEDLINER Euro HS® has good UV stability, hydrolytic stability and more than acceptable resistance to many chemicals..

When fully cured, SPEEDLINER Euro HS® forms an extremely tough, abrasive resistant polymer coating especially well suited for applications requiring protection from impact, abrasion or corrosion on metal, wood or fibreglass (GRP) surfaces.

SPEEDLINER Euro HS® texture surfaces provide an excellent grip surface in a dry environment and with aggregate additives such as aluminium oxide grit or rubber crumb gives good anti-slip properties on a variety of surfaces in a wet environment.

SPEEDLINER Euro HS® offers easy mixing as a ‘batch mix’ polymer spray system and simple application through a gravity feed hopper gun as well as brush, roller and for special application requirements the versatility of a hand held, remote spray gun, pressure pot system.

SPEEDLINER® EUROPE Ltd. is now the longest established non-franchise, low cost ‘start-up’ spray liner system in the UK and Europe currently with over 132 authorised Dealers / Application centres across 9 countries.