Welcome to our Waxoyl Shop! Since 1988 we have been cleaning, refurbishing and protecting the underside of vehicles vulnerable to corrosion. Particularly Land Rovers, Japanese 4X4s, Pick Ups, Motor homes and Classic Cars, although we are happy to clean, treat and apply Finagans Waxoyl to any vehicle that will be subject to corrosion.

Protection of your vehicle is very important to encourage long life without expensive repair works or uneconomical repair and subsequent scrappage. In the UK high use of road salt or vehicles located near the coast or even worse vehicles that have the need to drive near or even in sea water will need regular underside cleaning and protection. Owners may carry out treatment annually in this situation, otherwise generally in land areas where corrosion may be slower due to less salt activity, Waxoyl treatment may be carried out every 3 to 5 years. Over the years our customers have continually asked us for this service so we felt it was high time to build a dedicated state of the art facility to provide a professional service encompassing all the other services that Nene Overland provides to give you a one stop shop that will give you completely impartial advice on the best course of action to protect or rectify any corrosion or other problems with your vehicle.

One Stop Shop!

We are the ONLY company in the UK that can offer a complete care, protection and general service encompassing tyre and exhaust replacement, general service centre and in house body repair centre. In extreme cases if your vehicle is dear to your heart and long term ownership is the plan then we also have a galvanised chassis replacement service and body refurbishment centre.

Free Health Check

Every vehicle that is booked in for a Waxoyl treatment will get a free health check to confirm that all is well with your vehicle. This will give reassurance to you that all safety issues are in order and that tyres and exhaust are also ready to last through to the next time you book your vehicle in for service. If there are any concerns about work that may be required our service team will be happy to advise the best course of action.

New State Of The Art Indoor Waxoyl Facility

We now have a fabulous indoor cleaning and waxoyling facility at Nene Overland. Very well lighted to allow our staff to be able to thoroughly clean and inspect your vehicle 24/7! Our customers are welcome to be escorted to inspect their own vehicle to understand and appreciate the underside condition and quality of our work. We are very proud of our facility and what we do so are always happy to let our customers check there vehicles if required, something that most other facilities refuse point blank or discourage.

Waxoyl Application, Chassis Bulkhead and Door Frame Injection

Our waxoyl is heated to the correct application temperature and injection sprayed into the chassis and bulkhead of your vehicle. You can specify whether you want the running gear axles and suspension treating or not with optional door frame treatment. We can remove door cards and lay clear waxoyl in the door frames to help discourage long term corrosion issues. See our menu to understand potential costs or talk to our service team for more information and pricing.

Chassis-Shot Blasting-Repairs-Replacement

If there is concern that chassis-underbody repairs are required we have a welding service enabling corroded areas to be cut out and neatly replaced prior to repainting and waxoyl treatment. We can replace rear cross members on all Defender, Discovery I-II and Classis Range Rover. If the chassis is beyond economical repair there is an option to fit a replacement galvanised chassis to take your Land Rover forwards for the next 30 plus years. Talk to our service team for advice and a quotation.

There are occasions with some vehicles, particularly Defenders where we can shotblast the complete underside including all axles, running gear suspension and chassis. We will then apply special anticorrosion satin black paintwork prior to waxoyling. The end result is superb, on occasion we will refurbish the wheels to give the bottom half of your vehicle a spring in its step!